"  Discover The  EXACT  Process  For Commanding Insane Amounts  Of Targeted Traffic To Any Web Page!"

YOU Can Do This Without  Any Experience, AND Without Any Crazy Technical Skills!

"  This  Traffic Workshop For Beginners  Teaches You The Fastest & Most Profitable Way To Drive Traffic In The Current Economy! "

You're Going to Love This Because...

These workshops are PURE content, these are NOT sales webinars.

I was on a live workshop with Omar and Melinda Martin, valuable training with tons of “Mind Bombs” or “Awareness topics”, great for newbies to experts. So much to learn. Keep an eye out for their next session, you’ll be glad you did.

Rich Fedrizzi

Live Workshop Attendee

Awesome Live course with Omar Martin and Melinda Martin! Best course of the year, probably!!

Koz Mo

Live Workshop Attendee

I attended a 6 hour workshop with Omar & Melinda Martin. I currently have a small list of around 1,500 people but with what Omar is teaching I'm sure I'll be able to build and better manage. This is my second workshop with them and if you ever get the chance to attend one I would highly recommend it!

David Millett

Live Workshop Attendee

FROM: Omar & Melinda Martin
The Internet Marketing Power couple

LOCATION: Orlando, Florida

RE: Your Online Success

Dear Online Entrepreneur:

Being an internet marketer is an awesome way to make money! 

But building an online business is not as easy as most vendors make it look on their sales pages. 

Sadly… The problem is… You’ve Been Lied To.


You can do this from home or anywhere with an internet connection.
This requires little or no start up capital at all.
You don’t need to be a computer whiz or a sales guru.

But what they havent told you is that you do need to put in some work…  AND the most important thing you need is a PROVEN system! 

You need to learn the RIGHT way to do it AND we are the ones that can teach it to you in three simple steps.

If you want to learn THREE SECRETS that can change your life forever keep reading.

Imagine what your life would be like tomorrow if you had… 

A  Reliable  Business That Brings In Money Consistently

Imagine waking up up tomorrow, not to the sound of that annoying alarm clock, but NATUARALLY when you are well rested and ready to take on the day.

Now imagine, strolling 30 feet to your home office, opening your laptop to find payment notification after payment notification that came in overnight.

Imagine the feeling of security you’ll have knowing all your bills are paid because your business creates residual income reliably.

We had to do it the hard way and now…

We Can Show You The Simple Way...

We’ve built a seven figure business from the ground up using JVZoo.

We’ve created hundreds of products  & we’ve run dozens of six figure product launches.

We’ve spoken on stages all over the world & we’ve been featured in entrepreneurial books and magazines.

We’ve coached thousands of students and some of our students have even gone one to create seven figure businesses of their own with what we’ve taught them.

"  Omar & Melinda Martin are the greatest coaches in the game. Regardless of what you sell, these people can change your  life! "

"  Omar & Melinda Martin took me from flat-line to over $53,000.00 per month! 

What Would Omar Do?

Whenever I wanted to make money, or if I was stuck or struggling with something I would ask the question "What would Omar do?"

"  Omar Martin gave me the best advice I have ever gotten and I made over $20,000.00 in just a week and a half.

Work With Omar & Melinda!

"When you work with Omar & Melinda Martin it will be one of the most profitable and impactful decisions you ever make."

"  Omar & Melinda helped me become a FULL TIME internet marketer earning SIX FIGURES  per year online! 

They've always been there when I have had a question!

"If you get a chance to work with them JUMP ON IT because it will be the best decision you ever make. "

Now look, we are NOT telling you all of this to brag we just want you to know EXACTLY who you’re working with.

Because we truly want to help you grow YOUR online business and we have the experience to do it.

We came from very humble beginnings. Both od us blue collar workers without any special technical training.

Yet we’ve  been achieving spectacular results online for over 15 years and now we only want to focus on teaching YOU how to do it as well.

Its never been easier for you than it is right now but...    Here’s what they’re NOT telling you:

Secret #1

You are at exactly the right place and there’s never been a better time to build an online business then RIGHT NOW. 

The technology we needed didn’t even exist for us when we started. But it does now FOR YOU. 

Secret #2

The market has never been hungrier than RIGHT NOW. The current economy is rough and we know you’re feeling the pinch. Most people are.

But here is the UPSIDE for you,  because of the current economy… MILLIONS of people are turning to the internet for hope.

They are looking for digital solutions to their financial problems and THATS where YOUR online business comes in.

Secret #3

You are at exactly the right place and there’s never been a better time to build an online business then RIGHT NOW. 

The technology we needed didn’t even exist for us when we started. But it does now FOR YOU. 

Bottom line is this…

You can make money online solving peoples problems without even breaking sweat once you learn THIS process from us. 

Thats why we have created this training class specifically for you.


Master This Critical Skill For Your Online Success In ONE DAY! 

Driving Traffic
For Beginners

The Way Traffic REALLY Works.
Five Need To Know Traffic Secrets.
Balancing Traffic Sources.
The Good The Bad & The Ugly.
Rapid Leaderboard Domination.
Take Advantage Of Social Media.
Tap Into A Video Traffic Tsunami.
Blog & Article Click Power.
Harness A Database Of Clicks.
Traffic Cross Pollination.
Strategic Traffic Fusion
Intentional Traffic Back-linking.
Hidden Traffic Gems.
Trustworthy Instant Traffic.
Solo Ad Certainty.
Consistent Traffic Techniques.
Hidden Traffic Hook.
Viral Apps Do Your Heavy Lifting
Your Personal Traffic Source.
Drive Responsibly.
This entire class has been recorded for you in the form of four lessons between. You’ll get  presentations and all the learning the material right in the members area.
Four easy to follow, professionally produced lessons right on your screen. You’ll be learning from two seasoned internet marketing experts that want to help you and truly care about your success.
Receive access to the members area  where you can watch the class replays at your leisure. Save precious time and watch the videos over whenever you want!
Each lesson teaches you the basic concepts and walks you through the steps to execute the process. You’ll finally have peace of mind with a solid grasp on your business forever.

"  The Martins will leave no stone unturned and no question unanswered. 
Don't  hesitate to work with them! "

" I had the pleasure of being coached by Omar & Melinda Martin. What I learned is that the Martins will leave no stone unturned and no question unanswered. And they will be there for you long after to help you.

After working with the Martin's you'll know that the only way to fail is to disregard what you've learned from them. There is a way to do business and then there is a BETTER WAY with the Martins! Do it. Don't even hesitate to work with them! "

By claiming your spot TODAY
you will also receive these
study materials as a FREE Bonus.


Tick every single box on this checklist and you’ll MAXIMIZE your success! Learn the exact things you have to do BEFORE you even get started with the training.
Learn to prepare a perfect workspace that that will improve your workflow. This will save you massive amounts of time and frustration as you learn critical new skills.
Follow the steps to create the ideal mindset for building your online business. You’ll never get information overload or shiny object syndrome again!

 (Value $27)

Follow along with the training and
fill in the blanks. This is proven to help you absorb
43% more information so you can get the most out of your training
You get four worksheets all together, one to correspond with each lesson in the class. You can print these out and use them as a quick reference guide anytime!
Easily highlight important areas and take lots of notes. This will help you customize the training to fit your exact business model and needs

(Value $27)

Finally have all the common internet marketing definitions at your finger tips. Never struggle with new technical jargon or marketing verbnac again!
Easily accessible “LIVE” document for your convenience. This assures that your glossary is always up to date with cutting edge processes and definitions!
Download it print it or read it online. This is the perfect resource for you to have on your desk as you’re building your business!

This training is powerful enough for experts yet simple enough for beginners. 

You’ll see how simple it is to…  Drive massive amounts of traffic while helping people find the solutions they desperately need online.

Lets review what you are getting with this workshop:

FOUR ON SCREEN CLASSES $697 VALUE These will be approximately one hour each with thorough explinations and a question/answer period. 

MEMBERS AREA ACCESS $47 VALUE You’re getting permanent access to the members area so that you can watch the training replays at any time.

BONUS WORKSHOP CHECKLIST $27 VALUE You’re getting a Workshop Checklist so that you can be prepared for the class well in advance and get tne  ost out of the training. 

BONUS WORKSHETS $27 VALUE You’re getting FOUR worksheets to follow along with the training and increase your retention by over 43%. 

BONUS I.M. GLOSSARY $27 VALUE You’re getting an Internet Marketing Glossary to help you understand all the common terminology in the industry. 

VIP SUPPORT $197 VALUE The best customer support in the kn own universe. You’re getting a direct line to our professional staff for help with your purchase at any time. 

If you are tired of the gimmicks, shiny objects and information overload you need this workshop BADLY.

That is an estimated $1,219.00 VALUE! But you do not have to pay that through this special offer today. 

ID #13747

Buy With Confidence

We value your business and thats why we'll shoulder all the risk. Feel free to watch the training and download the study material. If you’re not satisfied with what you learn, simply contact us to request a refund. 

Omar & Melinda Martin

The information we teach in our workshop is not “theory”. This is 100% actionable content based on over 15 years of experience in the Internet Marketing industry.

These are the EXACT proven and time tested methods you need.


Internet marketers looking to make more money
Beginners with no experience, no list and no traffic
Business owners who want to scale their business
Retirees looking to supplement their income
Students looking for a side hustle
Anyone who's looking to better their lives


People looking for a magic button
People who are stubborn and unwilling to learn
Those can not put in a few hours per week of effort
Complainers and tire kickers
People who collect shiny objects

If you agree to follow these exact steps…


We’ll show you EXACTLY how to make money online consistently.

You’ll finally be able to create the laptop lifestyle you’ve dreamed of.

Quit your job, take control of your life and enjoy TIME FREEDOM.

Pay all your bills ahead of time and live a stress free life.

Never worry about inflation, the rising cost of living or any other global “crisis”

If you’ve ever dreamed of…

Earning a generous full time wage ONLINE

Spending unlimited time with your loved ones

Buting nice things for your family and friends

Traveling and taking more vacations                           

Buying a bigger house in a great neighborhood

Providing a worry free, fulfilling life for your family...


Kevin Fahey Subscribers

THIS workshop training is perfect for you. 

YES! I want in!

Please give me access  to this TRAFFIC workshop and give me instant access to the members area!

I know that I have a 30 Day Guarantee and I will receive the following...


ON SALE Limited Time


It’s time to take action and get the “insider information” you need to create a reliable online business.

Click the "Buy Button" below and claim your spot on this amazing workshop training today!

To Your Success!

Omar & Melinda Martin

Omar & Melinda Martin

The Internet Marketing Power Couple

P.S.  Remember that you are covered by our ROCK SOLID 30 day money back guarantee. Take the whole course for a test drive, all the risk is on us!

P.P.S. We’re kicking in all the additional study materials as bonuses when you buy today but we can’t guarantee that they’ll still be here if you come back later.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is this training course about?

This is a virtual training class about DRIVING TRAFFIC that takes was recorded over the course of an an entire day (6 hours) with four lessons and twenty minute breaks in between.

Is this training newbie-friendly?

YES!  This information is powerful enough for experts but specifically designed for beginners. The presentatioins are easy to follow and iunderstand. Plus you have lots of study material and support.

Are the videos included?

YES!  You’ll receive instant access to the members are where all the class video recording and study material are stored for you. You can access the material whenever you want.

How do I get in?

IT’S EASY!  Just click the order button on this page and fill out the secure payment form you’ll be instantly taken to a thank you page and you’ll receive login details right in your inbox!

Is there a guarantee?

YES!  Your purchase is risk free because we’ve got you covered for a full thirty days. Take the training on a test drive and if you’re not satisfied just shoot us a message at the help desk  for a full refund. 

What if I need help or have questions?

HAVE NO FEAR Our Support Heros Are Here! This product comes with the best customer support in the kn own universe. You’re getting a direct line to our professional staff for help with your purchase at any time! 

Video Recordings Of All 4 Lessons Are Available In The Members Area! 

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Melinda & Omar Martin
A Team With A Rock Solid Reputation

We've been helping internet marketers build their online businesses with the best tools and training since 2007.
Buy with confidence.

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